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Why An Internet Affiliate Marketing Business Is So Popular Today

One great way to make extra money is starting an internet affiliate marketing business. Affiliate marketing has become very popular with online opportunity seekers because it has a very simple premise.

Market and sell other people's products and earn a good commission for doing so.

As an affiliate marketer you are basically a middle man. Your job is to help the buyer find the seller and vice versa. You do this by employing several different marketing and promotional strategies to catch the eyes of potential buyers.

The commissions you make a will vary from one product to another. Companies that depend on the Internet as their primary source of sales will pay a high percentage rate of up to 75%. Traditional companies such as WalMart also have an affiliate program but commission rates are much lower (5% to 20%).

You can do this without your own website or shipping products. In fact as the affiliate you don't have any customer contact whatsoever. You just promote the products and once the sale is made you automatically get paid.

However it is to your benefit to have your own website for your internet affiliate marketing business. The benefits for doing so are huge and are what separates those who make fortunes online from those who make a modest second income.

Here's why. As an affiliate marketer you are provided with special affiliate links for products you promote. When potential buyers click on that link they are sent to the affiliate company to purchase the product. You are paid if they purchase a product due to your affiliate link.

But you will probably never have contact with those customers again. Meaning you can't follow up and promote other products directly to them. The affiliate marketers who are the most successful develop repeat business by getting useful information from each customer.

They do that by sending potential buyers to their own website first before redirecting them to the affiliate program to buy the product. Once at their site they have the visitor fill out an online "subscription form" which gives the affiliate marketer information such as the visitors name and email.

The customer is then directed on to the affiliate company to purchase the product. BUT the affiliate marketer now has valuable information that allows him to begin to directly promote other products to all of those on the email list.

The larger the list the better your chances increase for future sales. Millionaires have been made this way. Instead of just getting commission from one sale per customer you set yourself up to get lifetime commissions from sales of various products per customer.
in Internet

There is a general perception among people that if they need to search about someone they must hire private detective in order to carry on their investigation. This is entirely not true as several other ways have introduced that can be utilized in looking up by a phone number in a rapid and cost effective manner. First of all you need to identify what information exactly you need. After analyzing this you will have to spend some time researching on the internet to find a reliable and legitimate online resource that provides best lookup phone number service.

Best ways to lookup by phone number are comprised of free and paid online resources. Now it's up to you that which one you choose. Free resources include online phone number directories and certain social & professional networking websites. Whereas paid resources involve certain websites that use sophisticated procedures in getting phone number details and will charge you some fee for this service.

Now let's have a brief look on how these services work. First of all, search engines provide a list of all websites that are associated with that number. The procedure of using it is very simple. You just need to enter the phone number in search box and hit enter. Within no time it will pop up appropriate results that are linked with that number. Now based upon your sixth sense and quick analysis, you can select few websites that meet your criteria.

Apart from this, you can also use phone number lookup directories where information about every listed number is available and can be accessed easily. But sometimes few numbers, especially cell phone numbers are not listed there so you need to put extra efforts and switch your searching mode to paid resources which are considered more reliable.

In the end, it is very important to mention the significance of paid resources which include public records and Reverse Phone Number lookup service. According to experts it is the most practical way of finding out phone number records. There fee ranges anywhere between $20 and $50 that depends on your research option and the membership you have opted. It is also advised that you must do proper research and homework before getting started in order to be on a safer side.

Chinese Emperors -- A Long History And Deep Culture

According to the Chinese culture, the socialism of China has ever experienced several other periods, primitive society, slave society, feudalism society, semi-colony and semi-feudal society.

For the thousands years of China, the system of emperor (HuangDi) which hold the right of legislative, administrative, judicial and all other powers existed for a long time until feudalism society. Actually, before the "emperor (HuangDi)", the supreme ruler of China called "Wang""Huang" or "Di", such as "ZhouWenWang""ZhouWuWang""Three Huang" and "Five Di". The first emperor could date back to the Qin Shihuang who is the first Emperor of Qin unified China in 221 B.C. of feudal society. Of cause, he is the first emperor of China.

Why Qing ShiHuang was the first emperor of China?

About 221B.C. the king of Qin, Zheng Zhao, beat other six countries which included Qi, Chu, Yan, Zhao, Wei and Han and unified them to one country that is the basic of China. So Zheng Zhao thought he was so great that the "Three Huang" and "Wu Di" could not compare with him.
And then, he wanted to change his title to show his great quality and be remembered by generations. So the emperor "HuanDi" were created from Qin.

The emperor system lasted for about two thousand years. According to the statistics, since 221 BC, China has a total of 348 orthodox emperors, and if plus those non-orthodox emperors, there are about 494 emperors in history. It still includes some baby emperors. The last emperor is "PuYi" also named "XuanTong" of Qing Dynasty. It declares that the end of Qing Dynasty when he abdicated on Feb, 12, 1912.

Following are the emperor of the top in various categories:
The oldest emperor in history is a non-orthodox emperor ZhaoTuo who was died when he was over 100 years old.
The shortest lived emperor is Shang of East Han Dynasty who was died when 2 years old.
The youngest emperor is also Shang of East Han Dynasty who became emperor when he was 100 days after born.
KangXi of Qing Dynasty governs longest for 61 years among these emperors.
The emperor of JinWu has the most concubines about 10000.

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